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Creativity Game – What IF!

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As writers we always have difficulties getting started on what we’re working on.  I have a few tricks I use to get myself started, admittedly after a game of Mafia Wars  and Vampire wars, and YoVille and lastly Scramble because I’m a word person even though I no longer have the highest score in my group.

Role playing for writers is second nature.  We always have these ideas running around in our heads, and often no idea what to do with them.  This is how the Creativity Game comes in handy.  You start with ‘What If’ and start writing down what pops into your mind and don’t stop no matter how ridiculous the idea.  If you can get to twenty then you’ll find your mind clearing out all the clutter and real ideas starting to surface.  Some ideas are easy, too easy and while they look like they might work, the second part of the game is to figure out why they won’t work.  And make another list of twenty ideas that pop into your head about why this particular idea isn’t going to work no matter how hard you work at it.  Again, you clear your mind of idea clutter and once your mind is clear you starting getting the core of your idea.  Even if your idea doesn’t look like it’s going to work, working out why is the first step in figuring out a way to make it work after all.

Next time you start writing, start with a good house cleaning inside your head, you’d be surprised at what you’ll find.

Divine Plan

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There is a divine plan of good at work in my life.  I will let go and let it unfold. –Ruth P. Freedman

Idea Notebooks

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Writers are always looking for ideas and when something grabs them, they should take a moment to write it down. One of the most useful notebooks writers can set up for themselves is an idea notebook where they keep everything pertaining to all the ideas they think of or come across. Maybe it’s an article in the newspaper. Cut the article out and insert into the journal. Use page protectors because newsprint is too flimsy to poke holes in slide over the rings. Find an interesting looking face in a magazine ad, cut the ad out and put it in your idea notebook. An interesting article in a magazine that might bring a story to life later, cut it out and put it into your idea notebook. Once the first one is filled, start another. Keep up the idea journals. Writers have no idea when something will occur to them and they open their notebook and all the core information is right there for them to springboard from. The Internet is turning into a great source for story material. Book mark the article and make note of the material and the URL in your idea notebook so you can find it again. Writers who talk about writers block don’t keep idea notebooks. Because the information in the idea notebook is relevant to the writers’ interests, just paging through it when the imagination is a little uncooperative can trigger more ideas than a box of jelly beans. Get started today.

Disco Stick and Balls

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Jackie is on a roll.